Dorian J. Burnette, Ph.D.
EF2 Tornado Northwest of Turkey, TX

EF2 Tornado Northwest of Turkey, TX
28 March 2007

I have been storm chasing since 1997. My purpose is totally in the name of science for aiding in the warning process, documentation, and education. I integrate storm chasing experiences into the meteorology courses I teach. When the opportunity allows, I take undergraduates in my upper-division courses and graduate students into the field with me because the Earth is outside and does not necessarily behave in the "ideal" or "simplified" fashion textbooks often discuss. A selection of my storm chase logs, organized by year, is below.

I cannot stress enough though how important it is for storm chasers to have knowledge and respect for the severe thunderstorms they are chasing. Severe thunderstorms are deadly and destructive even when they are not tornadic! I recommend the following essays on storm chasing safety and ethics:

Selected Storm Chase Logs

  • Storm chasing did not occur due to the COVID-19 pandemic.