Dorian J. Burnette, Ph.D.

Dendro Tools Current Version Status

Detected Issues/Bugs in Version 1.0.1

Submission Instructions for Possible Bugs

If Dendro Tools mentioned that you may have stumbled upon a bug in the program, please send all the files except the "DO NOT DELETE DIRECTORY" file in the C:\DendroToolsR directory and a general description of the problem to

General Project Information

Dendro Tools is an open source project, and those who would like to contribute to the project are welcome to download the source code and submit any new or revised code. Other regular users who spot bugs or unclear text within the program are also welcome to submit that information. All submissions can be sent to

For those submitting code, only the Visual Basic and/or R code to the new or revised tools needs to be submitted (i.e., the *.vb and *.R files). All submissions incorporated into the program will be done so with the appropriate acknowledgements.